Reached main LV50 to unlock



  1. You have 5 challenge tries daily (Resets daily at 05:00). The higher your VIP LV, the more reset chances.
  2. World Clash battles are auto; players can't actively cast Ultimates or summon Guardians.
  3. Each side has 2 teams that fight in sequence. If a stalemate is reached, 1 extra round is added for the winning teams of each side. HP of the teams that won will carry over, but Fury is reset.
  4. You must wait 10 min after each battle before starting the next. Reach VIP LV 8 to cancel CD.
  5. You can get Arena Coins for the first 5 battles. The higher your bracket, the better your reward.

Pts and Brackets:

  1. Brackets are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Gems and Champion. Besides Champion bracket, each bracket has 5 sub-brackets. Gain enough pts to advance to the next one.
  2. Attacker gains pts if he wins a battle. The greater the opponent’s ability, the more the pts gained. Lose pts for defeat. The weaker the opponent, the more pts lost.
  3. Defender does not lose pts if he wins. If defender loses, minimal pts are lost.
  4. Gain a point streak bonus of 30% each match for 3 consecutive wins, 50% for 7 consecutive wins, and 100% for 10 consecutive wins.
  5. No pts are deducted if you are defeated in Bronze bracket.
  6. Before each battle starts, you have 60s to choose your team. Abandoning a battle or timeout deducts minimal pts.

Season Rules:

  • Each season lasts a natural month. When the season ends, rewards are given according to player bracket.
  • Pts are reset when a new season starts.
Go Titans World Clash

Go Titans World Clash

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