Update LogsEdit

  1. New Sanctuary “Dragon Gate” - Unlocked!
  2. New System “Candybox” - Unlocked!
  3. New System “Titan Burst” - Unlocked!
System Candybox

New System “Candybag”Edit

Reload and you’ll randomly get some Gems from the Candybag! Sharing is caring!

Note: Gems in the Candybag are sent by the system; these gems will not be deducted from players' accounts.

System Burst

New System “Titan Burst”Edit

Unlocked for all levels!

Where: Time Rift
Gameplay: Burst a Titan to upgrade it to SS
Can Burst: Azura

To Burst Azura ,you need to spend「Azura Shards」*250,「Burst Stone」*1, Coins*10,000,000.

Sanc DragonGate

New Sanctuary “Dragon Gate”Edit

Reach Main LV70 to unlock

  1. You have unlimited challenge tries
  2. Each challenge consumes major AP, and victory yields Bursters and other rewards.
  3. AP will still be deducted for failed challenges

Rewards: Burst Stone & Totem materials

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